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3 Simple Steps To...

Quickly Launch Expert-Level Chatbot Funnels And Engage Your Ideal Clients With Automated 1:1 Interaction 24/7


Set Your

Chatbot Launchpad

Gather the fundamentals about chatbot lead generation and chatbot building, and get ready to launch.


Launch Your

Chatbot Funnel

Set up DM automation on Messenger™ or Instagram™ to attract, engage, and convert your ideal clients 24/7.



Your Chatbot

Continuously (re)engage your chatbot subscriber community and adapt your chatbot strategy to your biz needs.


What you'll learn and do


Phase 1:

Set Your Chatbot Launchpad

Lay down a rock-solid foundation for your own Chatbot Magic ✨, ensuring you're well-equipped with the fundamental knowledge and tech setup so that you can launch your Chatbot Funnels with confidence.


  • Chatbot Lead Generation

So you can leverage chatbots effectively for your biz growth.

  • ManyChat™ Essentials

So you can confidently launch captivating chatbot experiences.

  • Get Your Teach Ready

So everything is primed & ready for chatbot action in Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Launch Your Chatbot Funnel

Implement high-impact chatbot strategies 🤖 so that every interaction boosts your brand, nurtures leads, and drives results.


  • 1-Click Chatbot Funnels

Install & customize Messenger or Instagram chatbot templates.

  • Chatbot Entry Points

So you can engage with leads across multiple touchpoints.

  • Chatbot Funnel Fuel

So you can constantly drive ideal clients to your chatbot.

Phase 3:

Elevate Your Chatbot

Level up your chatbot game so that it becomes a strategic asset, driving engagement, refining outreach, and ensuring growth. 📈


  • DM Broadcasting

So your chatbot subscriber list stays engaged & eager for more.

  • Metrics & Tweaks

So you can refine & optimize your chatbot strategies.

  • Scale Chatbot Strategy

So your chatbot evolves with your business needs.


All of these resources

Content & Templates

Coaching & Support

Integrated Community

Join Chatbot Club now and

you'll get instant access to:

  • Implementation-focused Training with 9 Core Content lessons (Phase 3 is rolled out in December 2023) & a growing "How-To" Tech Vault ($2,000 value)
  • Customizable, 1-Click-Install Chatbot Templates ($3,000 value)
  • 2 Monthly Q&A Group Calls to get live (or pre-submitted) feedback & coaching from Chatbot Funnel Expert Jonas Goldt (different times catering to various time zones) ($200/month value)
  • Community, Accountability, & Chatbot Testers in an exclusive community forum with other digital entrepreneurs - integrated with the membership portal - ($100/month value)
  • Daily Pro Support by Jonas (or another Chatbot Coach) in the community with written feedback usually within 24 - 48 hours (workdays) ($300/month value)
  • Weekly Chatbot Flow Reviews to ensure your chatbots are truly magical ($200/month)

TOTAL VALUE = $5,800+

Today's Price = Only $44 49/month

(with the time-limited 10% Rollout Discount;

or save 16% with our annual tier for just $490/year (=$40,83/month).

When you join Chatbot Club,

you'll also get access to these amazing bonuses...


Option Chatbot Funnel™

Quickly turn your Facebook Messenger™ or Instagram™ DM into an Option Chatbot Funnel to attract your Ideal Clients, prompt them three next steps on your client journey, & automatically follow up on them.

This 1-click-install chatbot funnel template is very easy and fast to implement; you won't need to integrate any other tools. It's suitable for all stages of business growth.

($1,000 value)


Waitlist Chatbot Funnel

Utilize the Waitlist Chatbot to grow an engaged waitlist for your next launch. It grows your main Messenger or Instagram DM List and tags your contacts so you can send DM broadcasts to them. In addition, you - or your leads - can start live chats.

This template includes two warm-up survey questions that both create excitement and gather valuable insights about the wants and needs of your warm leads.

($500 value)


Craft Your Client Magnet 🧲️

Quickly create your first or next PDF freebies to deliver with your chatbot funnels.

The Ultimate Client Magnet Planner™ guides you step-by-step through creating a Client Magnet 🧲️ (aka lead magnet) that attracts your ideal clients and gets them ready to buy. 💳

The Client Magnet Creator™ includes 22 brandable template pages for Canva™ like checklists and designs for processes you can use to design your Client Magnet.

($197 value)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,000/month

Today's Price = Only $44 49/month

(with the time-limited 10% Rollout Discount;

or save 16% with our annual tier for just $490/year (=$40,83/month).


What Chatbot Club members are saying...

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What other clients are saying...

"I was looking for a way to reach my ideal customers. I needed a solution that was efficient with my time and energy, and I was curious about using automation, including chatbots.

Jonas provided a template for setting my chatbot that was super easy to use.“

Sharon Burch, USA

Business Coach for Nurses

"Before, I felt overwhelmed with organic marketing.

Afterward, I felt competent to have a professional-sounding chatbot to direct people where I wanted to go. I really appreciate having a quick Chatbot done for me. I would definitely recommend it to have a chatbot!

Carlene Maria, USA

Mindset & Productivity Coach

"Jonas was very approachable and down to earth as he guided us through the process. I found the entire group to be helpful and interactive. Jonas takes time to listen and work through the process with individuals in a way that feels comfortable, informative, and achievable.

Sandie Ferguson, Canada

Private Dental Hygienist

About The Creator


Jonas Goldt is a psychologist turned entrepreneur who started his first business in 2015. As a Digital Business Strategist and Chatbot Funnel Expert, Jonas helps coaches, course creators, on online service providers grow and scale online.

His mission is to help online entrepreneurs implement the systems and mindset they need to fully express themselves and change the world.


Who is this membership for?

You are in the right place if: You are a coach, consultant, online course creator, or similar service provider who offers online services or digital products to clients, has a proven offer, and is ready to scale their digital business.

Can I wait until next month to join?

Maybe. We may close the enrollment at one point and only open it up a couple of times per year.

Also, the monthly price will increase after the Rollout Phase, which ends when Phase 3 of the core content is published (sometime in December 2023). So now is the best time to join. 😉

What exactly will I receive when I sign up?

When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to your gamified 🤖 Chatbot Club membership portal, where the content is published, supporting you to ignite more and more chatbot magic.

The content of Phase 1 + 2, as well as the 2-List Chatbot Funnel, Option Chatbot Funnel, and Waitlist Chatbot Funnel templates (each for Instagram and Facebook), are already published. During the Rollout Phase, the content of Phase 3 (the latest in December 2023, if not earlier) is getting published.

You’ll also get direct access to our members-only community forum that is integrated inside the membership portal to get support, feedback, community, accountability, and networking and cooperation opportunities with other online coaches and online course creators every day.

Jonas, what programs will we use for our chatbot funnels?

For the 🤖 chatbot funnels, I'll provide 1-Click-Install Chatbot templates for ManyChat™ PRO, which starts at just $15/m. (I'll guide you step-by-step through the installation process of everything.)

Do I get personal support?

You'll have access to our members-only community, where you can ask questions 24/7 and get support (weekdays). We also have two monthly Q&A Group Calls for live (or pre-submitted) support and coaching with Chatbot Funnel Expert Jonas Goldt. The calls start at different times to cater to the different time zones of our international members (who live in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia).

(If you like to get Done-For-You service, you can book my Chatbot Funnel VIP Day. Just send an email to for more info.)

Is there an annual plan available?

Yes. During the Rollout Phase (ending during December 2023), you can choose between a 10% discounted monthly plan for $44/month (instead of $49/m.) and an annual plan for just $490/year, saving you 16% (and equaling $40,83 per month).

If I cancel, do I lose access?

We would be sorry to see you go, but yes, if you cancel inside of your client portal, your access to the membership area and the community will be removed 1 month (if you pay monthly) or 12 months (if you pay annually) after your final payment. Make sure to download and save any content you want to use before that date.

We'll be happy to see you rejoin. However, we cannot guarantee if the enrollment is open or closed in the future or if the price won't be increased.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is. I give a 7-Day Refund-Guarantee. If you join Chatbot Club and you don't feel you got your money's worth, just cancel by yourself and send me an email within 7 days of enrolling and I will refund your payment (be it yearly, quarterly, or monthly). No questions asked. You can cancel hassle-free with a few clicks at any time.

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My 7-Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back Guarantee

If you join Chatbot Club today and you don't feel you got your money's worth, just send me an email within 7 days of enrolling and I will refund your payment (be it yearly, quarterly, or monthly). No questions asked. You can cancel hassle-free with a few clicks at any time.

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